Metabolomics SA

R&D support for life sciences in South Australia and beyond

Metabolomics SA provides specialist expertise for analysis of small molecules including trace metabolites and secondary metabolites, volatiles, biomarkers and chemical quality markers.



We use state-of-the art NMR and mass spectrometry analytical platforms to achieve the best outcomes for your research.


A wide range of services for small molecule analyses are available including:

  • Quantitative targeted analysis of known compounds
  • Untargeted profiling of complex samples
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Data analysis, univariate and multivariate statistics and results visualisation
  • Development of and training in bioinformatics tools.

Metabolomics SA News

New NMR Laboratory

A new liquid state 400 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance instrument was commissioned in 2020/2021. This platform provides high-throughput metabolite screening, structural elucidation, and accurate quantitation

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2020/2021 Year Highlights

NCRIS-enabled Metabolomics Australia services and expertise In 2020/2021, Metabolomics SA broadened its services and expertise for metabolomics research by adding advanced high resolution mass spectrometry

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Metabolomics SA is an NCRIS initiative supported by:

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