2020/2021 Year Highlights

NCRIS-enabled Metabolomics Australia services and expertise

In 2020/2021, Metabolomics SA broadened its services and expertise for metabolomics research by adding advanced high resolution mass spectrometry and liquid state 400MHz NMR spectroscopy. Priority areas for research collaborations included environmental science, animal science, food and beverage production, biomedical science and the gut microbiome. Metabolomics SA supported commercialisation and performance testing for new fermentation solutions by establishing flavour and aroma profiles using mass spectrometric analysis.

An international collaboration with a visiting scientist from Korea Food Research Institute led to further insight into yeast interactions and nutritional components during fermentation, with work conducted using non-targeted metabolomics and high-resolution mass spectrometry. New partnerships were formed with the South Australian Genomics Centre and the University of South Australia’s Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility which will enhance ‘omics’ support for researchers and industry. The facility continued to provide hands-on training for Australian and international scientists, with topics including sample preparation techniques, instrument operations and bioinformatics.

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