Metabolite screening

Non-targeted screening

We use a comprehensive non-targeted profiling technique for the analysis of biological samples. Relative abundance measurements of analytes are used to perform differential analysis across samples/sample classes using fold change, statistics and/or visualisation analysis. This type of non-targeted approach provides insight into metabolite changes, perturbed metabolite pathways and/or chemical markers.

Services available

  • Profiling for differential metabolites
  • Chemical markers
  • Volatile (aroma) profile
  • Non-volatile aroma profile
    • polar metabolites, and/or
    • mid-polarity metabolites.

Deliverables resulting from services carried out include:

  • Bioinformatics for data extraction/processing
  • Sample data matrix of retention time. vs. relative abundance
  • Raw data files from the entire batch (if required)
  • Identification of metabolite based on RT/MS data from standards (AWRI in–house library)
  • Descriptive statistics (average response, %CV)
  • Multivariate analysis (if applicable).
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